I Am a Door

by JASquareRoot

I open and close
I hear the wind and sometimes I play
with my fish that has fins.

Sometimes I stay open
and never close
maybe I get to wear clothes.

Sometimes people may punch me
but than doesn’t mean that I’m not
your friend.

So you say that I’m a door but to me
I feel like a person
inside of me.

Some people say that I’m a thing
but to me i like to
sing and ring all day.

I like books and hooks but not locks.
I like to play, sports and animals
but the most thing I like is being here with my friends.

So I like to write but I’m afraid of heights.
I love rollercoasters but sometimes I prefer
to play with my hoverboard.

I know teacher say learn something new
but I sometimes do what I want to do.
Words on pages

words in the sky but the most thing I want to do is fly.
But I’m a door
and no one knows that.

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