Sometimes Life Can Lie

by Mack Sometimes life can lie Like how life tells you crocodiles are dangerous But one single piece of tape can change that Or how the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom But women were not free all the time Or how when one life ends And another starts More from Mack >>


by S.N. People rush by The sky is gray The streets are empty The whole world feels this way, it says Stay inside, Be quiet, Don’t ask questions. But on the corner there’s a boy He steps on outside and yells “Why must we hide?” The world stays quiet The boy repeats his question “Why…


by Jada L I want to see planes I want to see the blue sky I want to see a duck, a lake I want to see everything that other people see every day, but I can’t I want to go but I can’t. I wish I could see dandelions so I can make my…

Never Come’n Down

by Mack I know that you know that we know that we can all be one and together now and forever like birds of a feather, no one-stone-two-bird crap just plain flight through the sky and the clouds so don’t ever think we’re come’n down More from Mack >>