by S.N, Mad Line, & MC Warm, inviting like the sun sweet like chocolate, but inside sour as a lemonhead and hard as a jawbreaker.   Do not bite down for soon as you bite down the sweetness sours emotions will change   like a jawbreaker changes color then she’ll be nothing.  

Poetry Is

by Made Line Poetry Poetry is a key to unlock The safe you see the light that’s poetry The warm feeling you feel that’s poetry see Poetry is life in peace You try and recreate it but the result, failure. You keep trying and trying and then you Change your approach to something more Suited…

A Storm

A Storm

by Jillian Clark read by Corey Mattia my heart beats like a drum bum ba-bum in my head my head is swimming tornado swirling full of color. what is the reason why do I feel now I know I was excited and happy. I was free. I found my way through the storm of darkness…


by MC I would like a pet someday somehow maybe today how about now? It will be great so much fun with my pet in the sun. A cat, a dog. How about a frog? Any pet is okay as long as I don’t have to pay. More from MC >>

Stuck on an Island

by JASquareRoot, Mack, and Alexis Givens Stuck on an island nowhere to go. Surrounded by weirdos. Crocodiles. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Hippos bellow, elephants trumpet throughout the jungle. The waves crash around us as we ride along to the main Land, we are saved. Another island up ahead waves pushed us to that island. We are…

The Perfect Day

by Jillian Clark My perfect day is why I pray, when the air smells fresh, and not all rotten. When I can touch the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze, And not just feel one. When I can hear the birds chirping, And not all silence. When I can feel fuzzy and warm…


by MC I can hear the music and I don’t know which ride I should pick, All the rides look like so much fun None in darkness, all in the sun Everyone is happy, Some are sappy I marvel at the rides Yes, I’m at the carnival! More from MC >>

I Love My Blanket

by JASquareRoot I. I love my blanket And it’s cozy Like Josey, my best friend So whenever we have a sleepover We would get under the covers and tell each other ghost stories II. She’s my best friend And I like how she writes because it’s going to end up… Good! More from JASquareRoot >>


by Alexis Givens When my friends ask me “How are you different?” I say, “Well, let’s start with my socks. When I’m hot I put them on so I can be cold. Or my hair. No matter how much you comb or brush it, it has a mind of its own, like a jungle. Or…

The Meaning of the Forest

by Miranda Rodriguez The forest is ancient and wild and at its peak It’s about growth and renewal The forest is like humans We start off as a baby The forest starts off with one little seed and grows into a beautiful sight and we do too The meaning of the forest is about growth…